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    Post  lightning_alchemist on Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:06 pm

    Name: Evelyn "Eris" Genesis (from Young Justice)

    Species: Human with superpowers
    Gender: Female
    Brief description: 12 1/2 year old girl, height 4'6'', nice figure, eye color golden, Hair is a deep dark red.(Later on her hair turns white and her eyes turn ice-blue)
    Personality'Details: Evelyn lost her parents when she was 2 due to not being able to contain her powers. She eventually stumbled upon the Justice League or rather they stumbled upon her at age three when she lost control again. But due to Superman not liking her she moved out of Mount Justice and in with Bruce(Batman- and actually he dragged her to move in his house but it worked out for the best.) She later meets Richardson "Dick"(Robin) when he moves in himself. Evie(her nickname) is a very shy girl until she gets to know you, until someone is put in danger or if you pick on her "older sister" Rys, who is actually her friend. She does not talk very often, she loves to drawand though she is shy(only in talking or when she not in duty or with Rys), she loves to fight.((Note: She often is seen wearing a long sleeve oriental looking dress which is either black, red or both, either than that she wears gothic clothing(but not by choice Rys forces her to wear something else)))

    Extra detail: She later finds out her father is Varen (the leader of supervillans that where mutated by him when human) and he was the one that gave Evie her powers. Evie finds this out when her team "Young Justice" when to invastigate vandalism in Star High School, he showed up at the last minute when the Justice League wasn't too far away(Evie called for back-up.) Alas Superman made her lose sight on Varen, and he takes the opportunity to abstract her powers. Varen succeeds and her hair turns white and eyes go a light ice-blue. Her powers then become what they know as "Dark Evie" (Dark Eris....-__-'')

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