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    War of the Night World story


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    War of the Night World story Empty War of the Night World story

    Post  lightning_alchemist on Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:42 pm

    Okay so this is a story I've been wanting to do for a while but it's so hard to start out thus far. I have the whole plot, background, characters, and even the map of the place, the only thing is trying to start it, because I have so many ideas! Night World (which is what I call it)is basically like our world just held back a bit like a more modern-1910-1920ish(maybe earlier)and they are part of our own world. The time frame of the Day world(our world) is around the near future and they(or I should say we...) are dying from this unknown disease, some blamed they the Night World inflicked this disease by a curse of some kind or just plain out created it. And these few people we think are crazy because they're blabbling on about witches and vampires and werewoles...etc.... But eventually all of the Day world begins to believe in this. The only thing that keeps the Night world hidden is this magical barrier that sits between the two worlds; this was set in place long ago when the witch hunts started the Day world people hunted those with magic or believed to be "different". Thus they drove the not-yet-Night-world people to near extinction. Luckly they retreated in time and created the barrier to keep each population from over running each others' worlds. But back to the whole war thing, a civil war breaks out in the night world.... well it's more of rebels going against the military government but oh well. This "civil war" was caused by the disease in the D.W. by the means of "should we help or not" and the cold tensions between the people and the governmet. And I'm too tired to write the rest...sooooo..... What you think?

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